2 About Us

      In the early 1990s  I decided I wanted to learn to dance and since C.W. was hot, I started going to country bars, St. Bridgett's Church and joined Arizona Country Dancers Assoc. ACDA.  I learned from the best teachers in the Valley both line dancing and partner dancing.I toured Arizona with ACDA for two years doing dance demos at various festivals. Great experience!  I won a few line dance contests due to my enthusiastic style. It also earned me a nickname, "Wild" Bill which I have kept.  In Dec. 1995, my dance teacher at St. Bridgett's Church got sick and I was asked to fill in. I thought it would be one time only but they liked my style and asked me to be the new teacher. For the next 4 years I taught line dancing and partner dancing to Christian singles.  That launched my teaching career.

        I went to South Mountain Community College and taught C.W. partner and line dancing for two semesters. I landed a job teaching at Sidekicks in east Mesa from 1998-1999. I moved to east Mesa in June, 1999 and later  discovered the RV parks with their huge dance floors and multitude of "snowbird" dancers. I also met my future wife and dance partner, Carole, in November, 2000.  With a great partner and great opportunities, Carole and I started dancing and teaching at the various RV parks the past nine years. We've taught at Superstition Sunrise in A.J., Towerpoint RV, Valle del Oro, Viewpoint RV, The Resort, Greenfield RV and several others. During that time we discovered another type of C.W.  dancing called pattern, where the man and woman do the steps in tandem.  We liked it so much we learned and taught many shuffles and pattern dances to students. In the last two years we have taught more pattern than partner dancing.

       We taught at Denim & Diamonds in east Mesa from 2010 - 2011, more than half was pattern/shuffles and the rest was partner dancing.  In January, 2012 we landed the teaching job Farnsworth Hall at Dreamland Villas every Tuesday night. Our active senior students really love pattern and shuffle dances. so much that they want us back next dance season.  We'll start Wed. Nov. 28 and teach from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Then, we'll DJ for the next two hours playing the most danceable country and rock music.  This is my favorite teaching gig of all time since our students are so motivated.

      Around 2003, Carole and I formed our DJ service called Dynamic Dancing DJs.  We didn't want to be like most "human jukebox" DJs who just played music. Borrowing from our extensive dance/entertainment background,  we decided to add dance demos, song skits, costumes and group participation to our shows. Our mission statement is to provide a fun, festive, entertaining atmosphere where folks can forget their problems for a few hours and have a good old time dancing, laughing or just enjoying.

       Our specialty is country western but we're strong in good time  rock n' roll,  big band, motown R&B and even disco.  As long as our audience is dancing, smiling and having fun, we're doing our job.

     Starting Wednesday, Nov. 28, we'll host "Wild" Bill & Carole's Wild Dance Party after all of our lessons at Farnsworth Hall.  Lessons at 6:30 pm and DJ the social dance at 7:30 pm.


      I have a ballroom background and Bill is mostly country so we form an unusual Heinz 57 style of dancing. Part country, ballroom, latin, line dancing, pattern. We have learned from each other and have great chemistry on the dance floor.  We should since we have been dancing together since Nov. 2000. We were married Feb. 17, 2008 and plan to waltz into the sunset together. For now, I love assisting Bill to teach students how to country dance. Being a retired teacher and realtor, I am a people person and love to help novice dancers. It's crazy but fun to entertain our audiences with our skits and demos and costumes. Expect the unexpected from us. My dream was to be on stage entertaining audiences. It came true with dance teaching and DJ entertainment.
      Since I am a Southern Belle, born in Atlanta, Georgia, it is my nature to be hospitable and friendly to everyone I meet. I try to make all of our dance students feel welcome, wanted and appreciated when they come to our dance lessons or DJ performances.
      In the 11 years Bill and I have danced together, we have covered the gamut of dancing. We have competed in dance contests and won a few. We have done dance demos for fund raisers for various worthy projects. But we get more satisfaction from teaching novice students become good social dancers. We also enjoy entertaining audiences when we DJ. That allows us to be creative and humorous  so people have a joyous time during the performance.